My Quotable Kid


My Quotable Kid: A Parents’ Journal of Unforgettable Quotes by Chronicle Books

I was browsing my dashboard on Tumblr yesterday and scrolled past a picture of this book. I didn’t really see what the book was called but the color and design of the book forced me to scroll back and see what it was. (I judge books by their covers which probably isn’t a good thing, but hey, it works for me.) After seeing what it was called, I looked more into it and it’s completely awesome. I didn’t push myself to finish N’s baby book, so it has 6 weeks of intricately detailed pages and then it’s completely blank after that. I’m more of a picture person, so I just gave up on it, but lately N has been saying some really funny stuff. I mean, my Facebook friends are probably sick of seeing all of our little chats that I post once or twice daily… But I didn’t want to forget her funny phrases so I recorded them there. I have dozens of conversations between the two of us recorded on my Tumblr but I don’t trust the internet to hold my precious memories so it’s safe to say that as soon as I realized what this book was for, I ordered it immediately. I never want to forget these little moments and all of the sweet things she says to me and this book is definitely some type of godsend.

For those interested in purchasing it, I found that it was cheapest on the Book Depository website (FREE SHIPPING!)  but it is also available on Amazon, Walmart, and Barnes and Noble.


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