Lately I’ve become obsessed (okay, obsessed is an exaggeration, so maybe excited is a better word) over planning my wedding. I’ve been in a slump lately so I guess planning the details of my wedding helps with it. I don’t really know.

I’m a very simple girl. I don’t like extravagant things and I certainly don’t like planning but when it comes to my own wedding, I’m finding that it’s easy to go a little over the top. With that being said, I am planning my wedding with a shoestring budget of sorts, to be able to afford my first-choice photographer. The memories mean more to me than a huge, lavish wedding; that’s just how I am.

So to kick off this post, I will share the dress of my dreams.


The dress of my dreams? It’s $499. It’s affordable and it’s “totally me” as my aunt put it. It is totally me. It’s me through and through.

You don’t have to be rich to have the wedding of your dreams, either. Save some money and DIY the crap out of your wedding, don’t book a venue and go with an outdoor ceremony instead, and don’t let it get out of control. Keep it simple because in 20 years, you’re only going to remember whose face you were looking at during your vows and how wonderful it was. Splurge on a professional photographer so you have those memories for the rest of your life; splurge so you have photos that document your entire day and the emotion drawn on your face; splurge on that photographer so that you’re proud to show off how beautiful you were on your wedding day.


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